My name is Mike Bevers and I was born and raised in a small wonderful city, called Vilvoorde in the beautiful land of Belgium. The first time I saw daylight was June 24, 1984.

Actually, it was moonlight, because I was born around 10:45 PM…


Currently I have two major hobbies: Basketball and PC stuff.
You can find more on my basketball career here.
The second hobby I mentioned was "PC Stuff". I added the stuff-word because I do all kinds of things on my computer. Like:

  • Develop windows apps
  • Develop web solutions
  • Watch movies
  • Play games
  • Surf the web

So many things one can do on his personal computer!


An older hobby of mine was foosball. For three years I played in two leagues. The local VKV league and the provincial CBKA league. I worked my way up from the minor divisions to the major. So I've quit the game in my prime.
The reason was the shutdown of the cafe I played in, "De Groene Hond", located in Vilvoorde. That cafe was my sanctuary where I knew everyone and everyone knew me. I started playing foosball there since highschool. While I was attending college, the local team drafted me. I was honored to play and defend the high foosball status of "De Groene Hond". With the cafe disappering, also the fun for the game disappeared with it. I got various offers to join other teams. I declined them all. So when the cafe quit, I did too…

High school 1998-2002

I attended high school at the "Onze-Lieve-Vrouwe College" in Vilvoorde. During those four years I majored in "Economics and Modern Languages". Although I was not fond of going to school, it was a very good school. They teach good basics of almost everything. The one thing that's lacking was a decent Computer class. Which is, in my case, a bit ironic…

College 2002-2007

At first, I had no clue of which major I would choose. So I chose "Applied Economic Science", because I graduated high school in economics. Let's say that theoretic economy is not my cup of tea. So one year down the drain.
The next year my buddy from high school also graduated. So together we chose to major in "Applied Computer Science". The first year we didn't went to school too often, instead we partied a lot. So we both failed the first semester. The second semester I realized that this is my chance for a better job, if I could graduate. So I grew up a little and became more responsible. I succeeded the second semester. The next year, I retook the first semester and passed all the following exams until graduation. In June 2007, I received a Bachelor degree in applied computer science.