2010 - 2011


2009 - 2010

Not much was changed compared to last season. The B-team was still playing in 2nd division, but they did get some reinforcements.
Still recovering from my injuring I got stranded in the reserves team.
These guys aren't the fully motivated-to-win people, but they do make a lot of fun. Every practice or game, jokes and stupidities come no 1. Still, we had a good season, ranked 5th in reserves ranking.

2008 - 2009

The promotion to 2nd division.
Due to an injury during pre-season training, I was out for 2 months. When I was ready to play again in November, my spot was already filled by someone else.
The coach only gave me 5 minutes a game in total. So I didn't had a lot of time to prove my worth and got benched a lot.
As faith decided that my season wasn't bad enough, in March I severely sprained my ankle. My season was over.

2007 - 2008

The next season, 2007, the club started a new team. The objective was to play top 3 in the 3rd Division of Flemish Brabant and promote to the next division. Which we did.
At the beginning of the season I was third in line for the small forward position. After a month, the 1st choice dropped out because of recurring injuries. After three months and some chances, I was promoted as first choice on the forward position. We had a good run and landed a second place in the ranking. Good enough to enter 2nd division!

2006 - 2007

In 2006, I joined basketball club Machelen-Diegem. It was my first basketball team ever. At first, I had trouble learning some basic moves and plays. But with time I improved my game.
I played with the reserves in a "specials" division. Our team had no official coach. On game days we had to do it on our own. Which wasn't easy.

1984 - 2006

I used to play on street courts in the neighborhood with some friends. Why I didn't join a team sooner, I have no idea. It was a whole other experience playing the game.